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Phunware is the only fully-integrated enterprise software platform for mobile that provides companies the products, solutions, data and services necessary to engage, manage and monetize their mobile application audiences on a global scale. There main product lines are

  1. Software Cloud

  2. Infrastructure Cloud

  3. Mobile Cloud

27% of shares are owned by institutions, including 3% by Blackrock. Details are Here

PT of $4 from one analyst

Should get a bump from schools going online with their “Smart Campus App” which was launched on Jun 19, see details in catalyst section.

Key facts : PHUN KEY facts

  1. 2.5B+ Phunware IDs worldwide

  2. 1B+ monthly active devices

  3. 4B+ transactions processed daily

  4. 5TB+ data generated daily

  5. $100M+ financing (USD)


  • JUL 15: They announced yesterday partnership with CISCO Meraki and will now feature the Company’s pandemic response solutions for healthcare organizations and city officials in its Meraki Marketplace. Developed on Phunware’s patented Multiscreen-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform, these mobile-first solutions have been designed to effectively address critical challenges brought on by a pandemic such as COVID-19. CISCO acquired Meraki in 2012, and today, CISCO Meraki is a leader in cloud controlled WiFi, routing and security, all managed from a centralized dashboard.

Key features of Phunware’s Smart City Pandemic Response Solution include:

  1. Notify and route to designated healthcare and testing locations, essential businesses still open, donation sites, government services and community events by engaging users with contextual triggers, including location, mapping, navigation and time.

  2. Designate essential versus nonessential businesses and offer additional details, including operating hours, services provided and contact information, all while enabling citizens to discover and receive notifications about these points-of-interest in real-time based on their proximity and location.

  3. Track and prevent potentially harmful exposure by contact tracing and monitoring device locations, including both real-time and historical lookbacks.

  4. Manage and enforce social distancing and quarantine policies, including proactive and reactive messaging, reminders and notifications.

  5. Coordinate the sharing of information by neighborhood, community and region to ensure that the right citizens are given the right messaging specific to their specific situation and individual needs.


All the above facts are actual PR from the company, The stock had a little run yesterday but sitting at the support price right now so the amount of risk should be low. Having said that there is a risk with all the investments so please do your own DD and decide if you want to invest in this.

PS: CNN has a price target of $4 for this. https://money.cnn.com/quote/forecast/forecast.html?symb=PHUN

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$PHUN DD by u/varun22486
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