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I admit I am in on HMHC pretty big but I am not trying to pump it. Im trying to help those of you who keep chasing make some money for once. Im also a somewhat new investor so take what I say with a grain of salt.

HMHC was sitting around $5.50 pre-covid, so it can expected to rise back to around that once schools start going back to normal.

So the worst that happens with this play is you end up holding for a while and making a profit. Thats much more comforting than the usual pennystock where once its dumped, you are stuck with a bag for possibly forever.

Now I have a strong reason to believe this stock will jump in the near future. Heres why:

read about HMHC

  • California based ( California is looking like they will do online school. In my state (NC) they are doing a hybrid for public schools with it mostly being online)

teachers corner is HMHC’s online learning app

-I texted my Aunt who is a 3rd grade teacher and she said she has heard of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt which is a good sign to me

So, I am banking on some schools using HMHC’s online learning program (particularly California public schools) and once a contract/contracts are signed this stock will jump. So get in early! If not, it will eventually return to pre-covid levels so I see this as a low risk investment. Don’t YOLO but I’d recommend getting a small-medium position in before after hours. I could very easily see this running next week and right now its a $2.20 which is a great entry point.

Do whatever you wanna do with your money and do your own DD. Theres loads of info on teachers corner and HMHC’s covid response

tldr: HMHC low risk long term and potential short term rocket

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$HMHC DD by u/that-manss
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