Chart Analysis of $XERS, $UAVS and more

So I have been doing nightly research sessions to get me prepped for the next day cause I don’t have time to do this full time. So going to start outlining my findings. These might be totally wrong, but might help me stay accountable and help others.

$UAVS: created a gap up the other day, but luckily based on previous info I think there is support at $1.35. After the false break it went straight up. We will see if it keeps going. Holding on for now.

$XERS: Offering over, huge gap. Playing the odds. Stop loss at $2.20.

$SPRT: Resistance at the $1.70 bottom of gap, almost down to support which is now also the 200 MA and trending up. Hopping in once it shows some good signs. Also good volume overall

$RNWK: @kingblehme &@PJ_Matlock have mentioned this one a lot so decided to do my own DD. Nice bullish flag, lower on the resistance. Maybe will get some tomorrow on a bigger dip.

$EROS: has been mentioned a lot and it looks almost like $CLSK from last night. Wants to break resistance, can’t yet. When it does…

$PHUN: Marked this one a couple days ago. Golden Cross + Hitting support + Good value = nice rally? End of may did something similar and jumped from $.65 -> $3.00.

Welp, just got out of my hammock to take a break and my phone flipped onto my concrete porch. Guess I’m going to get a new screen tomorrow. #hammocklife #lovingsummer


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