About Us

Hey, I’m Bob Stonks!
I am new to investing and stocks. Learning a bunch and trying to take it all in. When I get into something that really peaks my interest, I dive down deep. In my personal life I work as a software engineer and have built many large websites and mobile apps. So naturally when I started getting into stocks I thought where can I use my abilities as a programmer in this world?

Well I thought of making huge algorithms and connects apis together to parse data and give me an advantage. But I highly doubt what I know right now could provide me anything more valuable than what I could purchase out there. So that got nixed pretty quick.

One thing I enjoyed right off the bat was the community and how everyone was posting information. I found out real quick that the rocket ships don’t always equal money. So I was trying tot figure out who to trust and who to avoid. With that gave me this idea. I want to collect the due diligence (DD) that people are doing into one place and see how people view this information. 
This website for now is just a proof of concept to see if it is worth putting more time into automating collecting data and parsing twitter and other mediums for peoples due diligence. I would love any and all feedback. Also please submit and DD that you find and the link. I’ll add it here.
Thanks for joining!