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As usual, let’s start with the numbers.

PRICE: $0.53 MKT CAP: 117.4M VOL: 72M (!) AVG VOL: 10M

52 WEEK HIGH: $1.56 52 WEEK LOW: $0.1324 EPS: – 1. 17

HOD: $0.79 LOD: 0.50 EBITDA: – 34.09

50 DAY MOV AVG: 0.32 50 DAY AVG VOL: 8.91M

200 DAY MOV AVG: 0.31 200 DAY AVG VOL: 5.8M

SHRS OUT: 69M INSTITUTION: 18.6M (up 79%) FLOAT: 44.5M

Top 3 Institutions:

HEIGHTS CAPITAL: 5,000,000 Shares, $1.42M, 7.22%

SABBY CAPITAL: 4,030,000 Shares, $1.14M, 5.82%

ARMISTICE CAPITAL: 3,637,880 Shares, $1.03M, 5.25%


Intec Pharma is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing drugs based on its proprietary Accordion Pill® (AP) platform technology. The Company’s Accordion Pill is an oral drug delivery system that is designed to improve the efficacy and safety of existing drugs and drugs in development by utilizing an efficient gastric retention and specific release mechanism.



The Acordian Pill:

An existing product that can be used in many applications. What’s so lucrative about this is its a better way to release medication through a pill. This can be a game changer and could be a massive source of revenue as the applications are endless.



On Phase 3 of clinical study. Along with the Acordian pill, its used to treat Parkinson’s disease. It’s showing great promise.

“Among the 18 patients who completed the trial in accordance with the study protocol, a statistically significant reduction of approximately 45% was achieved in total OFF time, from an average of 5.1 hours during 24-hour periods with their optimized current treatment to an average of 2.8 hours with the AP-CDLD (P<0.0001).”



Used as an Acordian pill uses for pain relief and inflammation. https://www.intecpharma.com/pipeline/ap-cbd-and-or-thc/

Upcoming Catalysts:

  1. Deal with Merk rumored

  2. FDA Approval

  3. EU Approval

Catalysts expected any day. Any one of these would have a significant effect on the Sp.

The negatives obviously Sabby is in it, their phase 3 trials didn’t reach the endpoint.


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$NTEC DD by u/Rowbot19
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