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What is BKYI (BIO-key)?

BIO-key is an American company and a leading developer of fingerprint biometric authentication and security solutions. The company’s capabilities prevent false identities through alias checks and hardware independence. They have 25 years of biometrics experience a line of various products and patents which we’ll get into later. Their solutions turn your fingerprint into an authentication key, providing secure and convent sign in to websites, file and applications.


WEB-key: Fingerprint biometric-based advanced authentication solution that has achieved the highest independently tested and verified NIST benchmarks for fingerprint identification speed and accuracy.

Where it can be used

  • Factor floors or warehouses were workers are interacting directly with order inventory systems

  • Retail banks when accessing sensitive customer information

  • Hospitals or clinics were workers with different authority and permissions maybe be using common workstations

  • For EVERY BUSINESS, where mobile employees and contractors are accessing your systems and data from home and other non-secure locations (often smartphones).

Why Use it?

  • Less expensive than other biometric solutions such as iris scanning

  • Extremely secure; PKI encryption protects all data in transit between WEB-key components

  • Cloud ready; can be used in public or private cloud

  • Extremely scalable; built for the masses

VST: Vector Segment Technology is a highly accurate, scalable, NIST-tested fingerprint-based biometric identification solution.

Why does it matter?

  • During NIST testing, VST achieved the highest overall ranking in key accuracy metrics among commercially-available products

  • VST supports devices from every major fingerprint scanner manufacturer and provides complete reader interoperability

  • Enables performance speed exceeding millions of matches per second without degrading accuracy.

  • Provides support for FBI, NIST, ANSI, BioAPI, and ISO fingerprint standards. Fingerprint templates can be generated in an open format for use by another fingerprint biometrics solution at any time

Omni-Pass consumer: OmniPass Consumer can protect user data, solve the problem of multiple passwords and poor password practices and increase security.

Why use it?

  • Secure Password Vault

  • Saves Time and Streamlines Sign-in

  • Stores Limitless Number of Passwords

  • Safe Convenient Access to Your Favorite Websites

  • Eliminates the “Forgot My Password” Merry-Go-Round

ID-director (WINDOWS): ID Director for Windows features secure and convenient fingerprint biometric authentication that operates at the Active Directory tier, independent of any endpoint device, as required to support shared workstations and roving users. 

WINDOWS solutions: Microsoft launched Windows Hello to introduce millions of their customers to the added security and convenience offered by a biometric sign-in.  BIO-key’s SideSwipe, SideTouch, and EcoID have been tested and qualified by Microsoft to bear the Windows Hello ready mark.  All three of these compact/durable readers are native to Windows Hello sign-in platform, making them easy to install and use.


  • SlideSwipe

  • SideTouch

  • EcoID

  • PIV-Pro

BKYI Global Locations

  • Wall, New Jersey (Corporate Headquarters)

  • Eagan, Minnesota

  • Dunstable, Maine

  • Jiangmen, China

  • Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

  • Casablanca, Morocco

  • Mumbai, India

  • Singapore


  • In the next few months, BIO-key is set to begin working on $75 MILLION worth of contracts in Africa

  • Likely to report profitability and positive cash flow

  • Can be used with the federal government and military in the near future

  • Biometric Industry is poised for explosive growth into the foreseeable future

  • $45 million contract to provide biometric solutions in support of a Nigerian Ministry of Labour program to educate, empower and create employment for one million recent college graduates in Nigeria.

  • $30 million contract to facilitate the enrollment and positive identification of millions of customers for Nigerian mobile telecommunications company.

  • Expansion of the use of BIO-key solutions by the Dubai Police Force.

  • Expanding footprint of BIO-key solutions being used to secure access election data in Florida.

  • A major expansion by our customer ICU Medical to enable remote learning.

  • A growing footprint securing election offices across the U.S.


  • This software will not work on Apple Mac computers because it’s supported by Windows

  • Just had an offering at $0.65 so expected to be more risky


Overall, I believe this stock will take off very soon. I come from a military family with my father in the Air Force and we can definitely see this in the military very soon which if goes through will be hundreds of millions in contracts. Also, as of right now, they have contracts in Africa already working with the police force and many more places making them profitable in the near future.

To be clear, this is my own DD; please take into account all this information which was made for the good of the public. Be safe people and make some money!


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$BKYI DD by u/Jorezzoli
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