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Listen up – there’s no need to pay for signals/alerts. From my countless years of experience of doing research and due diligence, there’s one gem that investors should be keeping an eye on. 

Put $SPAQ on your watchlist and I’ll tell you why in a short moment. 

About $SPAQ / Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp.

For investors that are checking the market religiously during the opening and closing, chances are that you’ve stumbled upon this ticker. 

Keep in mind that this company is affiliated with Apollo Global Management.

$SPAQ or Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp. is a company that focuses on the future of energy value-chain in North America. The main purpose of this company is to enter mergers, amalgamation, stock purchasing, and many other goals for the betterment of its future.


  • Merger

  • Amalgamation

  • Capital Stock Exchange

  • Asset Acquisition

  • Stock Purchases

Currently, Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp. is currently in the process of a merger with Fisker.

$SPAQ – Market Summary

r/pennystocks - $SPAQ: Is Fisker the Next Telsa EV?

At the time of writing (July 17th, 2020 – Friday) and sharing my due diligence, $SPAQ is closed today at $15.45. Since July 9th, 2020 – the value per share has increased by nearly $5. The company also reached a $1 billion market cap this month with an average volume of 3,394,768 shares. 

The volume today has surpassed the average volume, which ended at 17,155,962 shares by the time market closed. From the data pulled from MarketWatch, the performance of this company is outstanding.

Performance according to MarketWatch:

  • 1-Month Period – 48.99%

  • 3-Month Period – 51.92%

  • Year-To-Date – 51.95%

  • 1-Year Period – 54.50%

Additional Info:

  • Spartan Energy Acquisition is owned by Apollo Global Management

  • Apollo has been running for over 29 years

  • There are 1,421 employees

Now let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to – this is a compilation of press releases that you should definitely keep track of:

July 13th, 2020: Published by CNW Group, it was reported that Fisker Inc., currently in the process of merging with Apollo ($APO), will soon begin listing on NYSE. With the merger and upcoming listing, you should definitely keep an eye on the price movement of $SPAQ.

July 15th, 2020: Published by Claudia Assis from MarketWatch, the publisher made it clear on what investors should keep in mind about this sector. Since the deal with Fisker, Inc. and Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp. happened on Monday, the value of $SPAQ increased by 12.77% and $APO increased by 1.17%. More information regarding the electric vehicle sector here.

Keep in mind that the electric vehicle sector is the future right now with numerous new investors pouring into the market. 

Whether you’re in it for short-term or long-term – the future of this company is positive with a great plan ahead. Fisker previously announced their ideas and plans for a luxury sedan with the aim to compete with the Tesla Model S. The value of this merger is about 2.9 billion dollars, which also includes a $500 million common stock at $10 for each share. 

Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker made a post on Twitter recently about an interview happening on Saturday morning with Neil Cavuto from Fox News Morning Show Weekend. 

r/pennystocks - $SPAQ: Is Fisker the Next Telsa EV?

With all of the excitement and plans ahead, I’d say it’s worth keeping on your watchlist. 

Note: The information in this $SPAQ guide is speculations from news and what I’ve found. Please keep in mind that this isn’t to help you make financial decisions, but rather – give investors an idea. Do your own due diligence and invest at your own risk. 


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