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What is HTBX?

HTBX (Heat Biologics) is a company mainly focused on cancer immunotherapy. They have a cancer vaccine called ImPACT (Immune Pan-Antigen Cytotoxic Therapy). They are a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina with operations in San Antonio, Texas.

All Clinic Trials

HS-130 (Phase 1) Solid Tumors

PTX-35 (Phase 1) Solid Tumors

HS-110 (Phase 1b) Non-Small Cell and Lung Cancer

HS-110 and Opdivo (Phase 2) Non-Small Cell and Lung Cancer

HS-410 (Phase 2) Bladder Cancer

Significant News

June 22 2020 – The first person was treated in the PHASE 1 clinical trial PTX-35. CEO Jeff Wolf said, “This is an important milestone and pleased with the team’s effort in accelerating the development of PTX-35 following FDA clearance of out IND. I believe that PTX-35 will offer a different approach to benefit cancer patients.”

  • Received $15.2 million grant by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas to support the pre clinical development of PTX-35.

  • They also have a COVID-19 vaccine program in preclinical development.

Heat Biologic’s GP96 Platform

  • Leverages GP96’s role as a natural molecular warning system

  • Feasible for large scale manufacturing

  • Broad applications in cancer treatment and vaccines for infectious diseases

  • Lead product in a Phase 2 trial for treatment of non-small lung cancer

Upcoming Catalysts

HS-110 and Opdivo (Phase 2) – It’s their lead product and has been successful so far, if it goes to Phase 3, this stock will rise

PTX-35 (Phase 1) – Only at Phase 1 and has already cured a patient and it’s not even the company’s main product. Also got a $15.2 million grant from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas for this trial. If it goes to Phase 2 (which I see no reason it won’t) this will be another reason for the stock to rise.

HS-130 (Phase 1) Solid Tumors – One of the newest trails to express OX40 ligand fusion protein which is a co-stimulator of T cells and it’s responses. Has lots of potential.

COVID-19 Vaccine Program- Focuses on engineering multiple protein regions of the virus. Such design has the potential of generating long-term immune responses and may confer immunity to different coronaviruses. Still in preclinical trail though.

Management Team

CEO Jeffrey Wolf

  • Founded Seed-One Ventures

  • Founded Avigen (NASDAQ listed)

  • Founded TyRx Pharma

  • Founded EluSys

  • M.B.A from STANFORD

  • J.D from New York University School of Law

Operating Officer Jeff Hutchins Ph.D

  • 24 years of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals experience

  • Ex-Vice President of Inhibitex

  • Ph.D from University of Texas

  • Numerous publications

George Peoples M.D

  • Graduated from West Point and John Hopkins School of Medicine and post doctoral at Harvard Medical School

  • Retired COL in the U.S Army

  • Founder and Director of Cancer Insight

  • Ex surgeon and cancer specialist in the military

  • Past chair of the cancer program at the San Antonio Military Medical Center

  • Past Deputy Director of the United States Military Medical Cancer Institute

That’s just a few to name…

Stock History and Forecast

Enterprise Value- $85 Million

Market Cap – $100 Million

Float – 80 Million

Shares – 85 Million

AVG Daily Volume- 13 Million

52 Week High – 1.38

Low Forecast – 2.00

Median Forecast – 3.75

High Forecast – 5.00

Total Cash: $26.4 Million

Total Assets: $37.8 Million

Current Liabilities: $6.9 Million


The risk with this stock is if the COVID-19 Vaccine, it could be risky to invest short term but even if it doesn’t, there are 3 other very impressive trials for the future.

Might take a while before their trials start seeing significant results expect for PTX-35 which already has cured someone in only Phase 1.

They have relatively low revenue ($900,000) and lost $5.1 million from March 2019- March 2020. However, their revenue increase 20% from 2019-2020 even though it was low.

In Conclusion

As I’m writing this, HTBX is at 1.33 and think it’s undervalued and has TONS of potential to rise exponentially. It has almost hit it’s 52 week high and has really good forecasts with an impressive and decorated management team. Also, through researching different analysts, this is a STRONG buy and hold stock with very little saying to sell. Overall, with COVID-19 coming back with higher numbers in the US, I see this stock rising tremendously in both the short and long term especially with all the trials (COVID-19 Vaccine, PTX-35, HS-110, HS-130) they have right now that look promising.

ALSO, looking at the chart, I saw a trend of stair stepping which is really promising.

Hope my DD helped you! If you guys want more or a certain stock just let me know!

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$HTBX DD by u u/Jorezzoli
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  1. Dave G. says:

    Spot on! Don’t forget its’ not easy to make a one size fits all vaccine or we would have one already. Think of expecting women for example. They have different issues to contend with due to their immunity system blocking pathogens to protect the fetus. My understanding is HTBX’S approach can even accomodate these hard to handle issues. So i feel they are a strong candidate for maybe not the entire covid vaccine but partnered up with a major player. A buyout or partnership would be huge news of course.

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